Apply for a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa


The New Zealand working holiday visa will allow you to take up temporary employment during your stay in NZ to help fund your travels. Explore this beautiful island country while working to support your stay. Visa First will process your application according to all the guidelines the NZ government has. This ensures your application will have the best chance of approval. Contact us now to receive more detailed information as well as submit your application.

Why Choose Visa First

Visa First is an independent non-government organisation with offices in Ireland, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand. Boasting more than 10 years of experience, we are your best chance for a successful visa application. Visa First assist over 15,000 working holiday makers every year to get their working holiday visa for New Zealand granted.

  • Price - Lowest processing fees;
  • Simple - Easy to book and fastest to process: book your working holiday visa by phone in minutes.
  • Guarantee - No Visa/No Fee
  • Banking - New Zealand Bank Account organized before you go.
  • Cheap Travel Insurance - Guaranteed cheapest working holiday travel insurance
  • Arrival Services - New Zealand Airport pickup and Accommodation
  • Travel Discounts - New Zealand Tax Refund

Requirements for a NZ Working Holiday Visa Applicants

  • Applicants must be between 18 and 30 years of age;
  • You must be a citizen and hold a passport issued by an eligible country;
  • Provide a proof you will leave New Zealand once your visa expires;
  • You are not allowed to take dependents with you;
  • You must be of good health, and nice personality;
  • You must obtain a thorough medical insurance for the length of your stay;
  • You must not have been granted a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa before;
  • You must hold a valid temporary permit if you are applying from within New Zealand;
  • There are some additional specific requirements based on your country of origin.

Application for a Working Holiday Visa for New Zealand

Visa First's representatives await your call or online application. Make sure your passport and credit/debit card are on hand if you want your application to be submitted immediately. You can start by filling the application forms.

If you are a resident of Ireland or any other European country print the working holiday application form below:
Application Form (Pdf Format)

If you are a resident of Canada print the working holiday application form below:
Application Form (Pdf Format)

For UK and all other residents please print the working holiday application form below:
Application Form (Pdf Format)

  • Calls from within Ireland: 01 878 3329
  • Calls from within the UK: 0207 659 9180
  • Calls from within Australia: 1 800 829 230
  • Calls from within Canada: 0647 724 3535
  • Calls from within the USA: 866 772 9245
  • Calls from within the Netherlands: 02 0890 8144
  • Calls within Germany: 0800 000 7272
  • Calls within France: 0033 179 978 528
Germany:0800 000 7272
(free phone)
Australia:1 800 829 230
(free phone)
Austria:01 928 0468
(local phone)
Belgium:01 150 0353
(local phone)
Canada:647 724 3535
(local phone)
Denmark:07014 2225
(local phone)
France:01 72 72 72 10
(local phone)
Holland:02 0890 8144
(local phone)
Ireland:01 878 3329
(local phone)
Italy:02 3600 0535
(local phone)
New Zealand:+64 9 984 1996
(free phone)
Spain:91 187 15 30
(local phone)
Sweden:011 496 6326
(local phone)
USA:866 772 9245
(free phone)
UK:0207 659 9180
(local phone)
Russia:0499 9183 181
(local phone)