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Family Stay

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Family Stay

Accomodation with a family in Australia International students come to Australia to learn English and live in a Safe environment.

If you are planning on studying in Australia you will need accommodation organized. What better place to stay than with Australians at home where you will be encouraged to speak English all of the time.

In reality, the Australian family is renting a room in their home to you, and this room may have a bathroom, a study desk and a wardrobe for you to keep your belongings. It is usually very cheap. Also, you can choose a house with characteristics similar to your way of life.

There is an initial placement fee that can vary between €100 and €150 (usually the same as one week of stay). The initial payment is made to us and thereafter directly to the family.

You can book to stay for 4 weeks and either extend it while you are there or leave and find alternative accommodation with friends.

Advantages of staying in a family house in Australia:
  • Learn about the culture
  • Make Australian friends
  • Get all information about the city you are living
  • Improve your English
  • Spread your culture and adjust to a new country more quickly
  • Low Cost

  • All hosts have to have a Blue Card or Police Check;
  • All hosts are on a roster of 7 months. i.e. - They are met every seven months;

For more information phone our team at 0179 978 528 or email